Amsterdam Escorts

Code of Conduct

Rules and Regulations when using our Escorts


This page explains our client’s code of conduct, essentially what is expected from clients regarding spending time with our girls. It is important to note that because we are a licensed escort company, we must adhere to specific standards, which in some cases are legal restrictions and in others self-imposed. All rules are designed to protect both our escorts and clients.


No escort may be forced to perform any sexual act without her consent. If an escort refuses a sexual act, the client must respect her decision. Clients will not be charged for services that were not performed. Clients who paid for refused services will be refunded for those not performed.


Our escort’s safety is paramount; we, therefore, do not condone any acts that put our girl’s health at risk. We encourage all our girls to practice safe sex for their safety and our clients. Any girl who believes her health will be endangered by partaking in any sexual act must refuse the request.


Clients have the right to refuse any escort within the first 5 minutes of meeting with them. Clients must refuse before exchanging money and or any sexual act. Once the client has exchanged money or begun any sexual act refusing the girl will not result in a refund of money.


Clients should not enter into disagreements with the escorts. Clients are requested to contact the agency to resolve any issues. Clients are required to remain calm and cordial during any dispute. This will allow us to resolve the problems in a civilized manner. Our goal is for our customers to receive the best possible service, and we can only do this if we can communicate with them. As much as we try to protect our girls, we are also obligated to our clients. If any client feels they were taken advantage of in any way, we strongly encourage them to contact us so that we can investigate the complaint.


We encourage clients not to abuse substances while in the presence of our girls. If we believe our girls are endangered due to a client’s substance abuse, we will have our girls removed immediately, and no refund of money will be provided.


Clients are expected to be respectful to our girls at all times. If any client becomes disrespectful, our girls will be removed immediately, and no refund will be provided. Please Note: clients who have a fantasy of talking dirty or having a perceived rough behaviour need to discuss this before the booking so that all parties are aware of the situations and boundaries can be set.


Clients are not permitted to take pictures, videos, or audio recordings of our escorts. Clients are also responsible for ensuring no such recording devices are presently active during their bookings. Failing to comply with the rule may result in criminal proceedings.


Clients who take escorts for more than 7 hours must adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Escorts must be allowed to rest
  2. Escorts must be allowed to maintain their hygiene, such as showering, bathing, cleaning, or changing clothing.
  3. Escorts must be allowed to contact the agency to check-in
  4. Escorts must be allowed to eat and nourish themselves
  5. Escorts cannot be expected to perform sexual acts continuously for hours on end

Clients with a voracious sexual appetite are advised to make multiple bookings with different girls. In this way, we will tag team the hell out of you, but never at the expense of a single girl.


This is a sensitive subject and is not fully appreciated by most men. It is not possible to continuously have sex with a girl for the entire duration of any booking. Our girls are not machines, and their delicate “flowers” cannot handle the pounding of your manhood beast. As a result, you need to allow the girl to perform other sexual acts to give her a break. Additionally, we have a rule of one climax per hour unless the escort agrees to more; this is her choice.


We request that all clients maintain a good hygiene standard and have, at the very least, a shower before booking.